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CALL FOR PAPERS – INVITATION                          CALL FOR PAPERS with basic information

15th International Symposium on School Life and School History Museums & Collections

15.  mednarodni  simpozij  muzejev  in  zbirk  o  šolskem  življenju  in   zgodovini  šolstva

    15. Internationales Symposium der Schulmuseen und Schulgeschichtlichen Sammlungen    


Creating links in education. Teacher’s and their associations as promoters of pedagogic development (historical and museum aspects)

Povezovanje v šolstvu / Vernetzung im Bereich Bildung / Conexiones en la Educación


Organised by Slovenian School Museum, Historical Association of Slovenia and ICOM- Slovenia

Ljubljana (Slovenia), 26th – 29th June 2013

Deadline for the proposal of abstacts submission:  20th January 2013 

Symposium web-site http://www.ssolski-muzej.si/slo/symposium2013.php


- The aim of the symposium, which connects school museums and researchers into the history of education, is to present and explore the professional historical contribution of male and women teachers and particularly their associations to the development of schools and pedagogy, as well as to cultural and general development. Teacher associations united the teaching profession in the establishment of their (trade union) interests, had a significant influence on the development of teacher education (including their adult and continuing education) and, through teaching and educational publications of different ideological orientations, helped to shape the development of education. Teachers’ gatherings, publishing activities and the appearance of school museums were among the most important forms of activity.

- Teacher associations and their regional, national (ethnic), state and international connections went beyond the local importance of frequently very diverse activities. They were marked in particular by individual teachers who were important for a particular village, town or wider region. Through changes that took place over time, we can also discern the differing importance attributed to the teaching profession, which is why we also encourage comparative analyses of the role of teachers and their associations. Contributions offering an overview of a wider region or even a whole country are particularly welcome, as are presentations and analyses of archive and museum material and, above all, insights into our museums through an analysis of exhibitions on this subject.

- The theme of teachers, teacher associations and their work and other connections in education is directed at specialists working in museums both large and small and in other collections related to school and education, as well as at researchers and lecturers who are involved in the history of education at universities, institutes and in archives.

-The presentation of museological news of the family of education / school museums and successful museum projects regards to the history of education are welcome.

- The working language of the conference is English. Paper presentations should last between 15-20 minutes, including 3-5 minutes discussions after presentation at plenary sessions and 90-minute parallel sections.

- The “Babel Section”: Only one 90-minute session of the parallel sections (each with a maximum of 4 to 5 presentations) will take place in three groups for participants from the Germanic, Romance and Slavic language areas in one of these languages.

Please note that the 'Babel Section' is designed first of all for the colleagues who work at small school museums without earlier experiences with English, the lingua franca of the modern era.



Programme: Wednesday, 26  June 2013   Opening at 16:00 hrs.

Thursday,  27  June  and Friday, 28  June 2013 full day programme with lectures and workshops.

Saturday,  29 June lectures and workshops, in the early afternoon official conclusion of the symposium,  optional excursion.

For all details (conference fee, accomodation, venue, scientific committee, post symposium publication) see: detailed Call for papers (in English) - http://www.ssolski-muzej.si/slo/symposium2013.php

The proposals of abstracts (in English!) should be sent to the following e-mail

by 20th January 20132013symposium15@gmail.com

Notification of acceptance by Programme & Scientific Committee : 20th February 2013

Responsible coordinator:

Dr. Branko Šuštar (Slovenian School Museum, Ljubljana)  branko.sustar@guest.arnes.si

Contact  post-address: 15th Symposium 2013, Slovenski šolski muzej / Slovenian School Museum, Plečnikov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; www.ssolski-muzej.si

Contact e-mail: 2013symposium15@gmail.com


Organising Committee of  15th Symposium 2013

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