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A test of maturity. The exhibition and publication Matura X let (The Matura's First Decade)


The exhibition and publication Matura X let, appearing on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the general matura in Slovenia 1994/95 – 2004/05 present the basic characteristics of the development and the functioning of the matura in the new, independent Slovenia. The exhibition wishes to appeal through its visual language. The story starts 155 years ago, when at gimnazijas in Ljubljana, Klagenfurt and Gorizia the first matura exams were held. The basic progress of the legislation in this area is shown, and questions about what the matura signifies are dealt with. The general matura is organised by the relevant bodies and the National Examination Centre (RIC). Over the last decade, the matura has been accompanied by a critical response. The most lively image of the matura is that presented by the customs and rituals associated with it. A part of family life in relation to the matura is shown, as well as a more personal experience, as the matura brings with it worries, pressures and intensive revision. After the exhausting days of written and oral exams, there is the anticipation of the results. The students who enjoy the greatest success each year in the examination are called “golden maturanti”. Those who have completed the matura successfully breathe a sigh of relief, as they know that they have passed a test of maturity and a new path opens up before them – a path of wisdom that reaches as high as the sky. This collection published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the matura in Slovenia brings a more detailed view of this theme. Important participants in the matura process have contributed their papers, as have those who are seeking for ways of improving the project even further. In addition to a serious part, there are also contributions describing the livelier aspects: the customs and rituals associated with the matura, and especially the matura dance parade. The content of the publication is rounded off with the memoirs of the maturanti taking the matura between 1995 and 2005 and the chronology of the development of the general matura. The exhibition and the publication thus offer the public an overview of the progress of the general matura in Slovenia, while also paving the way for new ideas.

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