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S©M Slovenski čolski muzej / Slovenian School Museum, Ljubljana (Slovenia),  

               ZZDS Zveza zgodovinskih dručtev Slovenije / HAS Historical Association of Slovenia,              

 ICOM Slovenski odbor / ICOM Slovene national committee


„15th International Symposium on School Life and School History Museums & Collections“ Ljubljana (Slovenia), 26. 6. – 29. 6. 2013


Personal information:




Titles (academics and others)*:

Professional activity*:

Institution* (Museum, Institute, University, Archive…):




Telephone number:

E-mail address:*




Title of the paper (English)*:

Title of the paper (in mother tongue of presenter)*:

Abstract (in English)* (approximately 250-300 words):


Please note that all presenter are warmly invited to prepare own PowerPoint presentation. Please specify which media you need (e.g.: computer, overhead projector, etc.):

Please note that the 'Babel Section' is designed first of all for the colleagues who work at small school museums without earlier experiences with English, the lingua franca of the modern era.


Optional: I’m interested in presentation my paper in “Babylon session”

(in one of Romanic, Germanic, Slavic language):  yes / no;

which one?


Other notes or questions:


Please affirm that you are agree that we can use the dates with the * for the symposium publicity.

Thank you very much!

Organising Committee of the 15th Symposium



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